The mystical, wild and holy power of nature is our muse and medicine. That is why all our products are of 100% natural origin - high-quality, pure, wild-grown. They are here to remind you that you too are wild & holy. Because the most powerful place within you is beyond your mind, beyond logic and beyond words. In a world that often seems disenchanted, Wild & Holy is here to remind you of your own inner magic - that mystical place of your deepest truth, your intuition and your limitlessness.


Hi, I'm Silja, the founder of Wild & Holy. I give 1:1 sessions, retreats, courses & workshops on the feminine & female sexuality. Rituals, mysticism and nature are an essential part of my life and work. At Wild & Holy I share my favorite products from nature that I use in my rituals and that have enchanted and transformed me.

If you are interested in my work, feel free to check out my Instagram or my website.