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Wild & Holy



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Amanita Muscaria - the fly agaric - was often taken in ritual contexts to open to the world of mysticism. It has a grounding, nourishing effect, like a warm embrace of an ancient being. It reminds you of your wild, raw nature and can give you clarity and new perspectives.

Amanita Muscaria was an important, perhaps even the most important shamanic ritual plant in Europe. It is a very special magical being that only grows wild in forests. The fly agaric cannot be cultivated and always lives in symbiosis with certain trees. Like other mushrooms, it is neither an animal nor a plant, but its very own species.

Amanita is considered psychoactive, which means that it can have an effect on our emotions, inner world and psyche. In microdoses of 0.5 - 2.5g, this is only very subtly noticeable, with an intensity of effect similar to that of a cup of coffee or cocoa. It is not comparable to psilocybin. 

You receive ground Amanita Muscaria.

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